Jackie Richardson


Jackie Richardson

Founder & CEO

Jackie Boot Camp Richardson is a Woman of Power. She has exhibited this by starting her own health and fitness program four years ago for men, women and children. She tells her clients “Your body is your temple”. She has changed the lives of hundreds of men and women not only through health and fitness, but also through her past personal endeavors. Jackie believes in her program because she can empathize with her clients struggle with weight. She too was over 200 pounds. She said that, “I was uncomfortable wearing that body around and I was determined to get it off. So the battle began.”

Jackie recalls at a very young age watching her mother exercise with all sort of gadgets around their house, and once her mother was married a whole new eating regimen was brought into their household, so at a very young age Jackie was living a healthy lifestyle that was implemented in her life by her parents. So how did she get overweight? First just the daily day to day lifestyle of being a single mother; and we all know how that story goes, once she reached a weight of 220 pounds, it was time to review her childhood of healthy eating and exercise. She joined a gym and shortly after joining that gym she began to work there. She moved from working at the front desk to teaching spinning classes and group exercise classes as an aerobics instructor. In a year’s time, the weight came off, and she was inspired to become a lifestyle coach after overcoming her own fears and failures. Jackie’s passion for educating and encouraging others to grow in every aspect of a healthy sustainable lifestyle led to her start of Body Image Fitness Inc. in May 2006 in Cleveland, Ohio. Body Image Fitness Inc. expanded to Columbus, Ohio in February 2008 with plans and many requests to start other facilities nationwide. She is using her 10 years of experience in health and fitness to empower men and women to change their eating habits and improve their health through proper diet and exercise.

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